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A public relations boutique agency specializing in the U.S. Hispanic market. Since 2001, Santa Cruz Communications, Inc. has gained a reputation for its vast experience in the development and implementation of strategic campaigns, proven track record in producing and executing prominent events, and its ability to offer highly personalized service.

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From its offices in Miami and Los Angeles, Santa Cruz Communications implements specially designed public relations programs that impact the business goals and objectives of its clients from a variety of industries, including entertainment, education, lifestyle, book publishing, and beauty & fashion, among others.

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26 May

5 Traits to Build Solid Business Relationships

In Public Relations, our success is measured in many ways, whether by, for example: (a) driving the number of impressions that hit our target audiences to increase visibility, (b) successfully saving an image through crisis management or (c) changing people’s perceptions through the successful execution of a campaign. The list goes on, but something that is not measured, and yet has a huge impact in everything we do, is relationships.
To be clear, PR is not about being good with people. I cringe every time I hear someone describe what we do in that manner. Nevertheless, our ability to foster solid relationships is extremely important. These are not built overnight but over years (sorry Millenials, but you can't beat your more experienced colleagues in this one). It takes time to earn trust from colleagues, media, corporate and community leaders. It takes time to build relationships that are stronger than any client you represent or any company you work for. This is a value that can't be measured, but if it could be translated into a Return On Investment (ROI), it would surpass all measurements.

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26 Oct


Telemundo will feature special on-air programming and enhanced interactive coverage of the third annual “Latin American Music Awards” (Latin AMAs) with two TV specials and digital coverage across various platforms. Showcasing the fashionable and glamorous arrival of the stars on the red carpet at the iconic Hollywood Boulevard, “La Alfombra de Latin AMAs” will broadcast Thursday, October 26 live at 8pm/7c. After the Ceremony, at 11:35pm/10:35c, viewers will be treated to “Latin AMAs: Acceso VIP,” which will feature a unique behind-the-scenes look of the awards show. Produced by Telemundo and Somos Productions, the “Latin American Music Awards” will broadcast live on Telemundo Thursday, October 26 at 9pm/8c, from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, CA.


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